5 Reasons to Buy Your Large Sliding Doors From Sing Core

5 Reasons to Buy Your Large Sliding Doors From Sing Core

When it comes to doors that are large, oversize, custom, or otherwise spec’d at unusual sizes, Large Sliding Door’s Sing Core honeycomb panels make the best possible end product possible.

Light and Large Sliding Doors

Because of the patented and patent-pending aerospace technology we use in our doors, they can be both light and large. No other technique allows such a powerful result. Sing Core¬†beats metal doors and we beat wooden doors because the fraction of wood we use is low. Our doors may look like anything you like — a wooden sliding door, a steel sliding door, an aluminum sliding door — but at the core of all of these will be a strong and precision frame of wood surrounded mostly by non-structural foam.

Strength We Guarantee

Other sliding door companies cannot provide the level of confidence that we can. Our doors are guaranteed to be warp free for 50 years. Every architect and construction professional knows that keeping a large door straight is the key to long-term functionality. A door that will not close or latch in 2 years means an unhappy client, no matter how impressive the work is. Our doors will not move at all because of the unique structure of our architecturally specified oversize sliding doors.

Variety of Sliding Door Production Methods

We know that projects come with all types of budgets. Projects that need very large, one-of-a-kind sliding doors know that Sing Core doors are the only sliding doors on the market that meet the need.

When you have a high end project and the client wants only the very best, we can deliver with rock solid yet thin sliding doors manufactured by our custom shop in one piece. These doors are shipped to you as a single unit ready for your millwork or contractor to finish and install.

For architectural or custom sliding doors that must be stunning but have to fit in a budget, we offer a sectional construction method that reduces costs while still providing much of the strength and endurance of our top of the line doors.

Custom Sliding Doors

Cold Rolled Steel Sliding Doors

Our technology can accommodate any look or style that you desire. Metal, plastic, or wood of almost any kind can be built to your specifications. Send us your own veneer if you need us to match a project. Or we will source any variety of wood you need and we can apply it to your door. Butcher block or paint ready plywood are available at your request. When you dream it we can deliver!

Precision Sliding Doors

When we make the internals of any of our custom built sliding doors, we cut to within 0.006″. This makes our doors a perfect fit and is a key component to the strength and longevity of our doors. We consider our sliding doors to be a craft product. That’s why we guarantee that you will be happy with a purchase of a large sliding door with Sing Core inside.

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