Large Doors

Large Doors

Here, at large sliding door, we specialize in helping millworks and door manufacturers create and sell the best large door of any type, style or size (up to 50 feet) that can be guaranteed to remain structurally sound and warp-free for 50 years.

Even though our foray into the marketplace was primarily sliding doors because sliding doors, especially large sliding doors, cause problems and challenges for architects, millworks, contractors, installers and the customers who purchase them, we are often called upon to put these same technologies to work for any type of door.

Front doors are a common type of exterior door that we provide solutions to. The larger the front door, the more problematic it becomes when trying to maintain high precision, warp-free performance, withstanding the test of time while being fully exposed on one side to the elements. That’s why they come to us for our front doors which can be guaranteed for 50 years, which is changing the way architects and designers approach front door designs.

A large sliding glass door is a good option unless it’s a glass door that features another frame material, like a sliding French door. Our large French doors feature an external frame wall of any material, which could cause problems due to the nature of the material such as natural wood which tends to move according to environmental exposure as in exterior doors, where one side faces the interior.

Steel doors represent a number of issues in large commercial sliding doors because if they are hollow, they will warp, bend or cup in an exterior application (not so much in an interior application if the environment on both sides of the steel door can be maintained). A solid steel door will remain straight but the heavy weight causes many other problems affecting the rest of the project. For instance, a heavy solid steel door requires extreme heavy duty hardware which can cost many times the price of the door, while actually using a solid steel door will compromise the hardware and add stress and strain to the surrounding structure requiring ongoing attention from the maintenance department

In industrial applications, our lightweight steel large industrial sliding door solves these problems by utilizing less expensive sliding door hardware as type and style of sliding door hardware is determined by the weight of the steel door) and the resulting regular usage of the steel door’s opening and closing is not detrimental to the performance of the hardware not the structure.

Our lightweight wooden doors – or lightweight doors of any available material, such as any available species of natural wood, aluminum, brass, copper, fiberglass, FRP, glass, HPL, hot rolled steel, LVL, MDF, stainless steel, etc – not only outperform other doors but they are less expensive to ship, transport and handle on site as well as cost less to install and maintain over time.

Large doors are a challenge and our large sliding doors are the solution regardless of your large door’s size or performance expectations. Although we specialize in large sliding doors, we also help to deliver other types of large doors including folding doors, interior barn doors, wooden front doors, security doors, entry doors, French doors, bi fold doors, double sliding barn doors and accordion doors.

No matter what base material you have in mind whether it is a wooden door or a metal door, you can rest assured your door will have the lightest weight and highest strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) and will be packed with rigid insulation material wall-to-wall for safety, security, noise and climate control.

In very upscale high end homes (multi-million dollar homes) you will find our doors in use as a pocket door or double door in both interior and exterior applications, especially if at least one side faces the exterior.

How do you make these large doors?

The secret lies deep within the large door’s structure. Our large sliding doors utilize a patented core inside which imbues these outstanding characteristics such as lightweight, high strength and warp-free fully insulated large doors of any size, up to 50 feet that can be guaranteed for 50 years no matter what material is used on the exterior surfaces. Our high performance large door specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help design a large door that meets your expectations, guaranteed.

How can I get these large doors?

We at large sliding doors dot com are licensed only to deal with commercial accounts and do not sell retail.

To get your large sliding doors, simply contact your local millwork or favorite door manufacturer and tell them that you want our large doors. You may need to direct them to this web site if they do not already have a commercial account with us. Give them the specifications for the large door you want and we’ll handle the rest.

If you are a commercial establishment, you may contact us directly. Click for pricing.

How long does it take to get a custom large door?

Our standard turnaround is six to eight weeks for a custom door, but rush service is available for an additional cost.

Contact us today.


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