Interior and Exterior HPL Doors

Interior and Exterior HPL Doors

SingCore relentlessly continues to develop innovative solutions to challenging architectural problems. Recently, SingCore announced an expanded manufacturing capacity that will lower the cost of doors that they produce. SingCore doors are known for their patented Green-Core technology using insulated honeycomb panels and boards. SingCore has continually integrated their Green-Core honeycomb insulated panel and board technology into many different applications including insulated exterior barn doors, stainless steel insulated exterior doors, stainless steel wall panels, slat boards, slat wall panels, pivot doors, large sliding doors, sound proof doors, sliding room dividers, and insulated room dividers.

Interior and Exterior HPL Door
Interior and Exterior HPL Door

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Strong and Secure

SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology makes interior and exterior HPL doors weather and moisture resistant, sound proof, impact resistant and able to withstand scraping and cutting of all sorts. When matched with SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology, HPL creates a rock solid, nearly impervious interior or exterior door that will give you an entire lifetime of rigorous service while still retaining the strength, security and structural stability you need to allow your doors to function under the most extreme weather circumstance.


Because HPL offers you an extremely strong, yet lightweight door skin, when you buy HPL doors with SingCore inside, you are buying the most lightweight door on the market. Insulated interior and exterior doors including pivot doors, sliding doors, stainless steel doors, sound proof doors, pocket doors, french doors, barn doors, and man doors must be extremely lightweight in order to provide you with complete, hassle free functionality over the years. Doors using our innovative HPL skin door design function better, are more lightweight, stronger, more warp resistant, and more durable. All of our doors are backed by our Signature 50 Year Guarantee and all of our products are hand made in Washington State.

Insulated and Sound Proof

SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology prevents heat loss and sound proofing to any room. With SingCore inside your doors you will experience the best insulation for climate control and sound proofing for privacy and security.

Cost Savings

  1. Top secret manufacturing (mfg) processes of building interior and exterior insulated HPL doors with our patented Green-Core inside eliminates high material and labor costs often associated with the high price of comparable door manufacturers (mfgs).
  2. Fits with universal door tracks and hardware. No need to spend the money swapping out or upgrading door tracks. Save money by using your existing hardware on our doors. Can be used for typical door use or as a very high end door at a reasonable price.
  3. Low maintenance. Stands up to as much or more rigorous use as a metal door or high end wood stave door. Extremely strong, impact resistant, and easily patched if damaged. High strength, extremely lightweight, durable patented Green-Core structural core. Less damage to your door jambs, frames and surrounding structural areas. No need to replace your interior or exterior doors as often. Your interior or exterior insulated HPL door panels will be less costly overall because you can buy less expensive hardware to support its weight.

Large Production Capacity

When you order from SingCore, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We will manufacture (mfg) your doors at a lower cost and higher quality possible by competitors and we deliver On Time and On Budget. We have the production capacity for any order, large or small. We manufacture (mfg) any custom size FRP door for your extreme weather needs including tropical storm or hurricane conditions.

Local Economic Sustainability

We are a proud supporter of local economic sustainability. We use 100% locally sourced materials and offer free shipping to customers in Washington State on eligible orders.

Eco-Friendly Patented Green-Core

SingCore’s patented Green-Core technology is built with 100% recycled material. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is highly functional as insulation and sound proofing as well.

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