Insulated Large Sliding Folding Doors

Insulated Large Sliding Folding Doors

Among the latest trends in large sliding doors are the integration of hybrid doors that are a combination of large sliding doors, large folding doors and large pivot doors that act as floor to ceiling room dividers.

These systems are architectural doors built to architectural specifications including insulation to increase separation between two adjoining spaces including sound deadening qualities. The architectural specifications could include any flat building material as the external surface to match the specifications of the interior designer, to maintain the look and feel of the space.

Note: Large Sliding Doors can be made of any material. See hot rolled steel (above)
These room divider systems incorporating combinations of sliding doors and folding doors also can include door panels that include large sliding glass doors or replace sliding glass door with French door to offer visibility between the two adjoining areas when the room divider is separating the spaces.

large sliding door room dividers insulated noise cancelling panelsThe reason Large Sliding Doors fit so well into these architectural door specifications is due to the unique characteristics of these large sliding doors. Every large sliding door is lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other solid door core materials) high strength (660 PSI, or stronger than steel pound for pound) pre-insulated R3.5 (or more, per specifications) for natural sound deadening and/or climate control. Plus, your large sliding doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.

What? Warp-free for 50 years?

Absolutely, our premium large sliding doors can be guaranteed to remain warp-free (including full structure guarantee) for 50 years.

The unique combination of these specific attributes help to increase the effective function of the large sliding folding doors using the smooth but economical door slides for long term low maintenance continued operation.

When you compare all of the expenses to the cost of sliding glass door usage, the savings are exponential when replacing standard glass sliding doors with large sliding doors representing the appearance of high end French doors on tracks for the ultimate modern sliding glass doors that are built to last forever.

Large Doors

large sliding doorWhen we say large sliding doors, we are honored to be the manufacturer of the only large sliding doors that do not warp. Almost daily, we are contacted by door manufacturers and high end millworks about their large doors. When asked, “Do your large doors warp?” They always laugh, and admit that all their large doors warp. It’s the nature of the beast.

Large doors normally are accompanied by a service contract for maintenance of the door. Using our patented Large Sliding Door, you don’t have to worry about warping at all.

Plus the lighter weight large sliding doors are easier to install and operate without damaging the slide track, which is also a problem for other large doors.

An 8 ft sliding door is not problem for Large Sliding Doors as we build large sliding doors of any types style or size, even up to 33 ft tall large sliding doors that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Large rooms can be separated with these nearly soundproof sliding doors that can be further soundproofed by adding additional materials (ask us how) and depending on the height of your large sliding doors, you want to have your installers using the right interior sliding door track, which can be a combination of top hung sliding door and floor sliding track system when used as noise cancelling panels.


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