Sliding French Doors

Sliding French Doors

Large Sliding Door presents the large sliding French door. A Sliding French door is a sliding door with a large window, glass lite cutout. Used in interior door applications as a sliding room divider that offers separation while maintaining a visual connection between the two spaces.

sliding french doors hot rolled steel sliding folding french doorsExterior sliding French doors are far more popular as architectural specifications as patio doors or exterior doors facing open water or landscapes to optimize the view from the inside space. Multiple sliding French doors may use a combination of sliding and folding French doors in a row or large bi fold French doors.

Other applications for sliding French doors include interior sliding barn doors as well as sliding garage doors with a view and sliding walls with large window opening.

The multi panel sliding door is also being introduced to commercial projects for egress to/from conference rooms in offices and other commercial applications as options for office sliding doors.

The sliding French door hardware is typically hanging sliding door hardware in interior applications, though the hanging sliding door hardware could also use rolling sliding door hardware in concert.

Large sliding doors in exterior applications are best equipped with patio sliding hardware designed for separation from the elements.

While most sliding French doors feature natural wood for a more elegant look, we at Large Sliding Door are seeing many architectural door specifications for other exterior surfaces for sliding French doors including:

Aluminum Sliding French Doors Brass Sliding French Doors
Ceramic Sliding French Doors Cold Rolled Steel Sliding French Doors
Copper Sliding French Doors Concrete Sliding French Doors
Exotic Wood Sliding French Doors Fiberglass Sliding French Doors
Galvanized Steel Sliding French Doors Hot Rolled Steel Sliding French Doors
HPL Sliding French Doors Kevlar Sliding French Doors
LVL Sliding French Doors Marble Sliding French Doors
MDF Sliding French Doors Metal Sliding French Doors
Natural Wood Sliding French Doors Obsidian Sliding French Doors
Stone Sliding French Doors Wood Stave Sliding French Doors

Important when specifying an architectural sliding door, especially a large oversize sliding French door, only our Large Sliding Door is pre-insulated noise cancelling sliding door that is lightweight, high strength (stronger than steel pound for pound).

building the best sliding french door nyc 50 year warp free guaranteeThanks to our patented sliding French door core and stiffener technology, we can help your favorite door company or millwork create a sliding French door that can outperform any other sliding French door. You don’t have to be concerned that your huge lightweight sliding door will warp with our patented warp-free sliding door core material.

Your Large Sliding Door can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full 50 years, including full structure warranty. No other door company will guarantee a non-warping door, especially a large sliding door due to their tendency to warp and fail, unless it is a Large Sliding Door.

Now without fear of failure, you can have exterior wood sliding barn doors that can be guaranteed to remain warp free for a full 50 years! And this is why we deliver the best NYC large sliding door and Manhattan penthouse large sliding door.

Even though our large sliding doors are typically featured in mansions and high end homes, real estate and industrial applications, doesn’t mean that our doors are not economical sliding doors. Standard door sizes are comparable to other nice sliding door that do not have all the benefits of your large Sliding Door.

A hardwood sliding door is problematic due to the nature of the wood grain itself to bend to and fro depending on changes in heat and moisture content requiring regular maintenance over the life of the door.

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