Insulated Sliding Doors

Insulated Sliding Doors

When it comes to insulated sliding doors, wouldn’t you want the perfect sliding door with the highest precision and performance over time?

Maybe you haven’t given it much thought, because all insulated sliding doors, especially oversized large sliding doors statistically are destined to fail, and not long after installation. Unfortunately, failing large sliding doors are the nature of the beast. Sure, everyone wants a large sliding door for elegance and performance but problems are inevitable when the large sliding door begins to warp.

How can something so attractive and functional be so problematic?

Say “Goodbye” to Large Sliding Door Failures

The best door manufacturers struggle with doors that tend to bend, twist, cup or structurally fail due to changes in temperature, exposure to direct sunlight or changes in moisture content and barometric pressure.

That’s why they seek us out to solve these problems, as our patented large sliding door solution is the only way we know of to build a large sliding door that can be guaranteed to not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for a full 50 years; including full structure warranty. No other Eco-friendly door manufacturer can offer such a claim.

insulated sliding doors warp free guarantee 50 years large sliding doors


Sliding Door Versatility

Large sliding doors are not just good looking, they also serve many different functions. Daisy-chain a succession of large sliding doors to create the most effective room dividers that can separate a large space into two rooms. Slide them open and instantaneously you have a wide open space for large activities. You see this sliding, a combination of sliding and folding doors and/or disappearing sliding walls in commercial establishments, event spaces, and large office areas and throughout a variety of buildings serving convention centers and hospitality industries.

Large sliding doors can be made of any material including (but not limited to) any available natural wood species, aluminum, cement, copper, fiberglass, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Lexan (polycarbonate), LVL, MDF, metal, stainless steel, basically any available flat building material for large slide doors.

The style of your large sliding door can be any style, like large modern doors, large contemporary doors, large barn doors, large rustic doors, large traditional doors, large country doors, large French doors, large Dutch doors, large pivot doors, large revolving doors, large stile and rail doors, large pocket doors or large invisible doors, just to name a few.

Custom lite opening can be pre-cut for glass to be installed to create unique see through ability with visual impact.

Insulated Sliding Doors

The ability to create a large sliding door that is not only lightweight (a fraction of other solid core doors) and high strength (660 PSI, or stronger than steel pound for pound) but pre-packed with insulation results in a effective sound deadening door that increases both safety and security, adding additional sound separation between the two sides of the large sliding door.

Plus, you also get the advantage of enjoying greater climate control and separation from the elements without compromising the structure, because the insulation is built-in as a part of the torsion box composite structure grids of the core material itself.

It is this unique characteristic that enables door manufacturers who specialize in sound doors to utilize our material as large sliding door blanks for sound dampening and sound proof doors. The same is also true of other types of “proof” doors, like bulletproof doors, waterproof doors, weatherproof doors, blast doors, hurricane doors, impact doors, security doors and X ray doors that can now be manufactured at a fraction of those otherwise so heavy large slide doors.

Any Size Insulated Sliding Door

Architects and engineers can now create insulated large sliding doors of any size up to 50 feet (we may be able to build doors taller than 50 feet, but have not surpassed that challenge, thus far) without having to worry about constantly having to make maintenance calls for door repairs being made on big warping doors, or heavy doors that cause problems for both hardware as well as the frame and structure, which can be costly to service regularly.

50 Year Insulated Sliding Door Guarantee

Being able to guarantee any door, made of any material in any size to not fail for 50 years is a feat without compare. Your premium large insulated sliding door, when manufactured in concert with our non-warp engineers, can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.

Contact us about building your best large insulated sliding door today.

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