Room Dividers Sliding Door for Separation

Room Dividers Sliding Door for Separation

When you’re looking to make effective use of a large space, or divide a space into two or more useable areas it may be important to have something more than a visual separation. If you need little more than a curtain to separate your space, then standard room dividers will probably suffice.

Large sliding walls and doors
Large sliding walls and doors

Clients who rely on Large Sliding Door for their room divider of choice are looking for particular characteristics that cannot be found in any other room separators, like:

  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Will not warp, bend or twist
  • Insulated
  • Sound deadening
  • Sliding hardware optional
  • 50 year guarantee


When you’re looking for room divider ideas, lightweight can be a huge advantage over other moveable wall systems used as room partitions. Our lightweight room divider wall panels are sized to your specification and can utilize less expensive hardware for sliding or folding room dividers than the heavy room separator wall panel that you will find elsewhere. But keep in mind, just because Large Sliding Door moveable wall systems are lightweight, doesn’t mean they are weak…

Large sliding room dividers
Large sliding room dividers

High Strength

Large sliding Door sliding walls are stronger than steel (independently tested by University of Washington at 660 PSI+) which imbues them with particular characteristics that cannot be duplicated by any other modern room dividers.

Will not warp, bend or twist

Due to the structural integrity of the natural wood fiber vertical grain torsion box and foam composite core of each Large Sliding Door room separator, they can be fully warranted not to warp, bend or twist over time. Room dividers by Large Sliding Door are built to last for centuries, not like the cheap room dividers that require costly maintenance or are disposable.


Unlike other moveable wall systems, our room dividers are pre-insulated, saving our clients time, money and also importantly, energy costs. Why heat of cool an entire structure when you can fully isolate a specified area with an insulated barrier?

We offer several options to increase the R-value of your room separators to meet your specifications.

Large sliding restaurant doors
Large sliding restaurant doors

Sound Deadening

Sound deadening is not just for movie multiplexes any more. You can have an aesthetically sound room divider that has built in sound dampening to create true separation between interior spaces. Sound suppression is great for meetings, conferences, workshops, offices and/or call centers.

Sliding hardware is optional

When it comes to hardware in the functioning of Large Sliding Door room separation, sliding door hardware is not necessarily an important component. Some clients like the flexibility of quickly assembling, disassembling, reconfiguring and storing our room dividers with complete creative freedom, not being locked-in to a particular location or track within a structure.

Some of our clients, like museums and art galleries like keeping the components completely modular so that they can manipulate their space to their heart’s content on-the-fly.

Large, Oversize Moveable Walls

The leader in large room dividers or sliding walls, Large Sliding Door delivers the best sliding door for separation by building the best high performance big sliding wood panel that is fully insulated, lightweight, high strength and sound deadening and guaranteed for 50 years to not fail.

large-sliding-door-50-year-structural-warranty-will-not-warp-bend-twist-rot-guaranteed50 year guarantee

Room divers by Large Sliding Door are fully warranted against structural failure for a full 50 years.

So, when you buy your room separation from Large sliding Door, you are making an investment for the future that helps to create a better world using our Eco-friendly alternative to other moveable wall systems.

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