Large Sliding Doors Straight Talk

Large Sliding Doors Straight Talk

Years in the making, finally Sing Core has come out with the ultimate solution for Eco-friendly sliding doors made of any material and any size weighing a fraction of other door cores. This revolutionary patented solution has made Sing Core the number one resource for large sliding doors that are lightweight, high strength and can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, as well as full structure warranty. No other large sliding door solution can match the power of Sing Core. Here’s the latest straight talk about sliding doors:

Sliding Doors Straight Talk


As the demand for large sliding doors is on the increase, the bigger they are, the more impressive they are, also, the more apt they are to fail due to door warp. Let’s face it, a door that is not straight and true is of little use as a door at all.

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It is imperative for large sliding doors to remain straight and true, and the design team at Sing Core has created a full battery of patented and patent pending solutions to keep any large sliding door, made of any material perfectly straight, far exceeding AWI standards for flatness. The true flat experts at Sing Core have the knowledge and ability to create large sliding doors that will not warp, eliminating the biggest complaint about sliding doors.

So, if you want a straight sliding door, the only way to get one made and guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years is to do what most contemporary architects, designers and engineers do, and that’s to specify that you want your doors to have, “Sing Core inside.”

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Sliding Door Problems

Large sliding doors with Sing Core inside also solve other problems facing architects and designers, including, but not limited to…

Heavy Sliding Doors

Large sliding doors are big and heavy in weight. The large size and the heavy weight is problematic for a number of reasons. First of all, you must find a custom door manufacturer or millwork to take on such a project in the first place. Anything that is large is going to be difficult to create and manipulate through the building process just to create the mammoth door in the first place. Then you have to be able to move the door from the factory to the truck, using a combination of manpower and heavy equipment. Then transport the large sliding door from the factory to the job site. Once at the site, more manpower and heavy equipment is required to unload and move the door to where it will be installed. Installers now have to deal with the door, moving and fine tuning it to fit the space and attach the appropriate heavy duty sliding door hardware which can cost many times the price of the sliding door.

Heavy Duty Sliding Door Hardware

Expensive heavy duty sliding door hardware is required as the hardware is determined by the weight of the door. Even though this hardware is designed to handle a heavy weight sliding door, the straight talk is, if the door is used regularly, the hardware will start to breakdown and fail over time.

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Large Sliding Door Maintenance

Which brings us to maintenance on the large sliding doors; yes, your large sliding door is impressive and leaves a great first impression but the more consistent lasting impression is left upon the sliding door’s owner who must bear the cost of constant repair and maintenance over the life of the otherwise magnificent large sliding door. As huge sliding doors are used, they cause stress and strain, not only on the hardware, but also the structure, creating the need for maintenance and repair on the sliding door for warp, the hardware as it deteriorates, and the structure for stress and strain.

Large Sliding Door Insulation

In most large sliding doors, little thought is given to the insulation value of the door. While large sliding doors are commonly thicker than their hinged cousins, the large sliding doors may not provide for energy efficient handling of thermal separation or elimination of sound penetration.

Large Sliding Door Danger

If you have a large sliding door, operating it may be problematic, especially when delicate little fingers are around when the sliding door is opened and closed. Large sliding doors are so heavy that there is the danger of injury to anyone, not just children, when the doors are in motion.

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Sliding Door Solutions

Thanks to Sing Core, you can save money and have a better large sliding door experience. Over time, the Sing solution is ever appreciated. Here are some of the solutions you can expect by specifying that your sliding door has, “Sing Core inside.”

Lightweight Sliding Doors

If your sliding door is built with Sing Core inside, it can weigh a fraction of the weight of any other solid core sliding door. The energy savings in just the creation and transport of your Sing sliding door help to make it more ecologically responsible, using less energy to create, ship and handle. But there’s more…

Lightweight Sliding Door Hardware

Because the type of sliding door hardware is based on the sliding door’s weight, real cost savings can be realized by being able to use the less expensive sliding door hardware, bring the cost of the hardware way down.

High Strength Sliding Doors

Your Sing sliding door is very strong as it was university-tested and rated at 660 PSI in strength, making it stronger than steel pound for pound. This superior strength is due to the patented insulated reinforced vertical grain torsion box core. Without Sing Core inside , you are limited to the ability of the material used to maintain the sliding door integrity over time.

Sing Sliding Door Maintenance

When your sliding doors have sing Core inside they are also nearly free of regular maintenance. If you have a professional Sing sliding door that does not warp, then you possess a large sliding door which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years. Plus, if the door is damaged for any reason, it can be quickly and easily repaired on site (often without having to dismantle or remove the door) without compromising the sliding door’s strength or integrity. In addition, the lightweight of your Sing sliding door, means much less stress and strain on the hardware.

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Sing Sliding Door Installation

Being so lightweight reduces costs and time by being so lightweight. Due to the bulky size several people will need to manipulate the door, but no heavy equipment will be needed because the crew can easily maneuver the large sliding door without much trouble. In fact, we commonly hear back from the installers about how they couldn’t believe how light and easy to work with large sliding doors with Sing Core inside are.

Insulated Sliding Door

Sing Core pre-packs your large sliding door with insulation wall to wall inside the torsion box structure imbuing your large sliding with increased ability for climate control and also sound deadening capabilities that are hard to find in other large sliding doors. If you’re thinking about separation between room, or particularly a sliding front door, the added insulation factor is of huge benefit and included in every Sing sliding door blank at no extra charge. Insulation upgrades are available per your specification.

Sing Sliding Door Safety and Security

Due to the increased insulation and high strength of your sliding door that has Sing Core inside, you can enjoy a greater sense of safety and security. The high strength will prevent breaching the door from unwanted guests. These are often used as impact doors. If you kick other lightweight sliding doors, they could easily fail and offer egress to an otherwise secure environment, but if you kick a Sing sliding door you will not break the door. You are more likely to break your leg and the sound deadening characteristics inhibits eavesdropping.

In the event a child, or anyone, gets their hand or fingers caught in a Sing large sliding door in motion, the likelihood of surviving such an event is much more likely as less damage will occur thanks to the Sing solution being so much lighter in weight than other large sliding doors.

Shouldn’t your sliding doors have Sing Core inside?

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