Large Wood Sliding Barn Doors

Large Wood Sliding Barn Doors

When it comes to large wooden sliding barn doors, Large Sliding Door dot com is the world’s leading expert on large wood sliding doors that have the unique ability to be perfectly flat and to stay flat while being lightweight and stronger than steel sliding barn doors.


Large wood sliding barn doors are not just used in barns anymore. We see barn style doors in homes and commercial establishments desiring to have that sense of a country-style décor and feel, while being extremely functional.

You will be able to rest assured that you will not experience the problems normally associated with wood sliding barn doors that are oversized and normally overweight. Most big doors are heavy (the belief is that the heavier the material the more likely it will stay straight) causing stress and strain on the both the door hardware and the structure increasing cost of maintenance over the life of the wood door.


At Large Sliding Door, we know how to build a barn door that is fully insulated – with protection from heat and cold for energy savings and sound deadening qualities – regardless of size (up to 50 ft.).

Thanks to Large Sliding Door, your big wood sliding barn doors do not need to be heavy to be strong. Due to the lightweight you can use less expensive exterior sliding barn door hardware.

We know how to build barn doors that are energy efficient wood, soundproof, lightweight and stronger than steel that are designed to last for centuries without cupping or failing regardless of size thanks to our patented Sing torsion box core along with our never-say-cup technology that enables us to engineer a wooden barn door against cupping or failing for 50 years regardless of size or weather exposure.

Lightweight insulated door core 15' length

There’s so much more to building a barn door than meets the eye. Certainly, and woodcraftsman can build an indoor wood barn door that looks good and performs well upon installation but invariably the wood sliding door will warp – even indoors – and exterior wood sliding barn doors are even more difficult to manage. That’s why the most high-end millworks rely on us to build a barn door that will not fail, ensuring their client’s satisfaction and confidence.

When reviewing a large variety of large wooden barn door designs, we have the unique ability to duplicate the look and feel of any style when building sliding barn doors. Simply supply us with a photo of the barn door that you would like duplicated and we can match it according to your specifications. It’s that easy. Finally you can let your interior barn door ideas go wild.


If you’re looking for a high performance large wood sliding barn door, Large Sliding Door dot com has your back with a 50 year true flat guarantee. You read that right; your Eco-friendly large wood sliding barn door will be lightweight, high strength and guaranteed not to warp, bend or twist for 50 years.

Ask for your Eco-friendly large wood sliding barn doors wherever you see interior barn doors for sale or contact us for more information.

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