Large Sliding Door

Large Sliding Door

Only one large sliding door is guaranteed not to warp or otherwise fail for 50 years. No matter the size of your opening, you can use a large sliding door to separate two adjoining spaces, divide a large space or protect you from the elements while preserving the door seal and adding safety and security without compromise.

large sliding door oversized sliding doors huge sliding doors large sliding doors exterior

There is no longer a need to avoid large sliding doors taller than an 8 ft sliding door or 12 foot sliding patio doors that make most door manufacturers wince at the thought of having to deal with the ramifications of such a large door that will likely fail. Not to worry, now you can enjoy a beautiful French door slider or elegant solid wood grain large sliding door in any format including large gliding patio doors, stacking sliding doors, tri fold sliding doors, double sliding doors or sliding wall doors interior or exterior.

We can help to make your large disappearing sliding doors come to life as vanishing walls by concealing huge openings with sliding wall pocket doors of enormous size without the headaches that might accompany such a high end design feature. That’s why more and more, architects are specifying our guaranteed large sliding door solution for large sliding door slabs up to or exceeding 50 ft. in height or width.

large sliding door stacking sliding doors large sliding doors room dividersRegardless of whether you’re thinking about your next large interior door or large exterior door, your next large sliding door can be straight and true, even if it’s larger than 4×8. Our best clients are high end large door specialists who know that a large sliding door over 4×8 is problematic on many fronts. First, there is the weight as big doors are heavy, requiring expensive heavy duty large sliding door hardware. Secondly, increased maintenance costs because the heavy weight also adds extra stress and strain on the structure when it is operated. Finally, there is the issue of warping; a large sliding door over 4×8 will warp periodically due to environmental changes. Warped doors compromise door seals and may lose their ability to open, close or latch because they bend as the weather changes.

Large sliding door to the rescue; thanks to our patented technology, we can build solid core large sliding door blanks that are a fraction of the weight of other heavier solid door cores. That eliminates the first and second most prevalent problems with large sliding doors.

Next up: Large sliding door warping. No problem with our torsion box composite core that holds doors keeps large sliding doors straight and true regardless of their size. How is it possible?

large sliding door strength demonstration in inch thick 13 ft long little or no deflection
Large sliding door substrate strength demo 1 inch thick 13 ft long span

It’s as though it breaks the laws of physics!

Actually, torsion box technology has been around for many years as a method of dealing with warping wood of large flat surfaces. This is the basis of our inner structure, though instead of building the torsion boxes out of horizontal grained wood, our structure grids are built of ripped wood with vertical grain giving the structure many times the shear strength of horizontal grain torsion box structure. But we’re not done, yet. Then, we fill the otherwise empty spaces inside the torsion boxes wall-to-wall with recycled rigid foam insulation and bond it all together with formaldehyde-free adhesive between two stress skins to make an insulated solid substrate that is stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound.

High end, high performance clientele fuel the fire that powers the engine running our rise to popularity, which includes the likes of the United States military, NASA, museum and science industries because no other large sliding door core is more high precision (+/- .006 in.) lightweight and high strength.

That said, our large sliding doors are not for everyone, but if you – or your customer – wants only the best warp-free large sliding door, with low maintenance, high precision and performance with a 50 year no-fail guarantee, there’s only one answer: Our large sliding door solution which is impervious to climate change and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend or twist.

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