Large Slider Doors

Large Slider Doors

Industry leader for large slider doors, Large Sliding Doors can achieve the high precision and high performance oversized door expectations of the most discriminating architects and designers. Regardless of the architectural specifications, our large sliding doors are the only Eco-friendly lightweight architectural doors that are stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound and can be guaranteed to remain warp-free (and structurally guaranteed) for 50 years.


Door Slides

Types of door slides can vary from door to door installation. Primary concerns for door slides is to focus on door hardware that primarily delivers the operation desired by the designer or end user of the large slider doors in question. Different types of large slider doors will possess different operations styles, like simple single or double track sliding doors, large barn door sliding doors, stacking sliding doors, slide and fold doors, large double doors and large bifold doors all use different kinds of sliding door hardware.

Gliding Doors

Whether your large slider doors are in operation as gliding patio doors, balcony door, large exterior doors, large sliding doors room dividers or large internal sliding doors, you definitely want smooth high performance gliding door hardware and operation. You want your doors to glide so smoothly that it will appear that your large slider door operates as if it is a floating door.


Large Slider Door Hardware

Which brings up the issue of which hardware you will decide to use to successfully operate your large slider door over time; in most cases the weight of your large slider door will determine which slider door hardware will be utilized. The heavier the large slider door the more expensive the heavy duty hardware will be to operate the door safely and effectively. Even large door handles are based on weigh; wait ’til you see how amazing a large slider door with a regular-sized door pull amazes even the most casual user.

Heavy Large Slider Doors

To mitigate the difficulties of dealing with heavy slider doors, our lightweight slider door core enables us to create a base door weighing in at 30 to 87 percent less than any other solid core large slider door. Not only does that mean less expensive hardware, but less shipping, handling and installation costs as well as saving money on long-term maintenance on the door as well as the structure, because heavy doors used on a continual basis will add extra strain to the frame and structure thereby adding to maintenance costs over time.


Large Slider Doors

Large doors present cause for concern because the bigger the door, the more likely it will warp. That’s why Large Sliding Door premium large doors have our patented warp-free large slider door core inside. No one wants the added expense and hassle of having the increased maintenance costs associated with warped large slider doors.

High End Sliding Doors

While large slider doors featuring our Large Sliding Door technologies are found regularly in multimillion dollar houses and mansions, they are also found in industrial applications, aviation hangars and all across the large sliding door industry, they are still an invaluable and wise investment even for the most cost conscious architect, designer and buyers, making them the:

Best Sliding Doors for the Money

There is no doubt that factoring for lightweight, high strength, longevity and much less costs from installation to long-term maintenance costs over time.


Where to Buy Sliding Doors

You can obtain your large slider door made with patented Large Sliding Door core inside simply by requesting it from your favorite local custom millwork or directly from your door manufacturer. Large Sliding Door is a manufacturer, not a retail door supplier, so you must seek out a door manufacturer or retailer with door finishing capabilities as Large Sliding Door large slider doors are unfinished and not pre-hung slider doors.

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