Oversize Walnut Sliding Door

Oversize Walnut Sliding Door

Large Sliding Doors is pleased to present our newest creation. A giant, oversize, custom, architectural door that soars a whopping 12′ tall and 53″ wide. Composed of solid wood stave skins make of high quality walnut, permanently ┬ábonded to our patented high strength, light weight, yet stronger than steel and perfectly straight core material.

Solid wood edges means the door seems at if it is solid wood, yet it weighs in at 1/3rd the weight of a comparable traditionally build door panel.

For your oversize door needs, Large Sliding Doors is your best bet when strength and quality is an issue.

Oversized Sliding Walnut Doors

Our doors have no size limitation. If we can fit it in to a semi or flat bed truck, then we can make it and get it to your job site. Even for extremely large doors that far exceed 12′ in dimension, we have a proprietary system of spline joins that means we can ship oversize panes in pieces that can be easily joined on the job site to be perfectly straight, and just as strong as if we made them at the factory. No special tools or skill required.

12 Foot Sliding Walnut Door Prices

For such a large and special door, price is not an issue. The only concern is selling the door for an appropriate mark up.

Although not the cheapest panels on the market, high end millworks, contractors, and architects prefer Large Sliding Door’s patented panels because their light weight construction eases installation and reduces overall hardware cost. Yet they are strong enough to enjoy our 50-year structural guarantee.

When a job is too big to fail, then you need our panels to ensure success.

Large Sliding Walnut Doors Cost

To determine the cost of one of our sliding door panels, all we need to know is the height, width, thickness, and preferred skin material / finish. That is enough for us to give you a price for one of our panels.

Our panels are custom made to order, so contact us to receive a free estimate and consultation .

Stacking Sliding Doors Price

Our Large Sliding Door panels are the perfect fit for a stacking sliding door project. With a patented space age technology, our core material can handle window / light openings of almost any size and configuration. If you want something never seen before or out of this world, then we are the company for you.

Contact us with your project details and specify “light openings” as desired to receive a timely quote that meets your requirements.

12′ Tall Walnut Sliding Door Panel only 177 lbs

Exterior Pocket Sliding Doors

Pocket doors are very difficult because they must be very straight over time to maintain functionality and not jam in the door casing.

This is where Large Sliding Doors come in. Our panels are guaranteed perfectly straight to within AWI specifications. Where other exterior walnut sliding doors fail due to moisture or thermal demands, ours succeed.

Retractable Wall

For a gorgeous wall panel with wood to match the details of your modern home, yet can be easily moved, look to Large Sliding Doors. Our panels are strong enough to be hinged or double hinged to form a wide variety of retractable wall geometries with minimal support. This makes our panels easy to operate yet rugged.

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