Large Sliding Door

Large Sliding Door

We’re proud to be making a difference in the world of large sliding doors with our patented Eco-friendly Large Sliding Door that is lightweight, high strength that will not bend, warp, twist or rot and can be guaranteed for life, even in the most extreme exterior applications.

Most of our large sliding doors ship to the greater New York area. New Yorkers know the only way to build a large sliding door – and to keep it straight and free from warping – is to have our patented Sing core inside.


Our assistance in the areas of solutions for problematic installation and performance in the area of large sliding doors in unparalleled. We are the only large sliding door company that manufactures Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength large sliding doors that can be guaranteed true flat and will stay flat regardless of the exposure, circumstances and application(s).

Some of the stories that come to mind are beach communities who seek insulated large sliding doors that will not bend, warp or twist due to sea and/or saltwater exposure.

The largest sliding door applications often require true flat large sliding doors that are lightweight and high strength that will stay flat under rigorous conditions. Prior to working with our large sliding doors, the only solutions were extremely heavy in weight, requiring constant maintenance and causing stress on hardware and the structure. In comparison, Large Sliding Doors, are nearly maintenance free and will last indefinitely (this is why we can guarantee our large sliding doors for life).

NASA, Boeing and other aerospace organizations understand the value of large sliding doors that are lightweight, strong and have a long maintenance-free life-span. Military and marine boat-builders – including the US Navy – are relieved to finally discover our solution(s). New schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, retail and industrial establishments are reaching out to us in an effort to solve their large sliding door challenges.

Isn’t it time that you contact us to provide the solutions to the problems that face designers, users and purveyors of large sliding doors?

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Large Sliding Door is the only door manufacturer in the world that supplies the most impressive Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight high-strength true flat doors that are built to last forever and guaranteed for life.

Only large sliding doors manufactured by Large Sliding Door can be guaranteed to not bend, warp, twist or rot regardless of size and/or application.

Large Sliding Door supplies only the most discriminating high-end clients in the World.

While our doors will cost more than other commercially available doors, a more Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength door cannot be bought at any price.

Large sliding doors can also be affordable. We supply high-end millworks with patented large sliding door blanks to use as the canvas for their exquisite works of art utilizing their woodworking skills.

How large can a Large Sliding Door be?

We confidently make guaranteed Eco-friendly true flat large sliding doors (so far) up to 47 feet that are lightweight, stronger than steel.

Can be Indestructible

Large sliding doors can be manufactured to meet or exceed your specifications. Each door can be custom-built to be extreme weatherproof, water proof, fireproof, sound proof, bullet proof, blast proof, resulting in a stronger and more lightweight door than any other commercially available door.

How is it Possible?

Large sliding doors that are lightweight, stronger than steel and outperform any other known affordable building material is only possible due to the patented vertical grain torsion box core bonded wall-to-wall with recycled foam and sandwiched between two stress skins. Tell me more

Large sliding doors are our specialty. No one else can deliver the goods like Large Sliding Door, we guarantee it.

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