About Large Sliding Doors

About Large Sliding Doors

Large Sliding Door specializes in creating the largest, most lightweight, strongest Eco-friendly doors for high-end applications. These large sliding doors are not only strong and a fraction of the weight of any other door, but they can be customized to withstand the most intense challenges that would cause any other door to fail… and there’s more: Large Sliding Door can match the appearance of your overall project duplicate the look of any other sliding door in existence.

Large Sliding Door Can Create Any Door on Pinterest with High PerformanceFor example, see sliding door in Pinterest anything you see can be a Large Sliding Door that can be imbued with all the high-tech characteristics that are only possible thanks to our use of patented Sing Core in the heart of every Large Sliding Door that we make.

That is why the most advanced architects, designers and high-end millworks seek us out for their top-of-the-line clients with the most discriminating tastes; and in regards to functionality, Large Sliding Door delivers like no one else can. That’s why NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and the United States military branches trust Large Sliding Door with their important projects.

High Performance

Large Sliding Door 50 Year Structural Guarantee to Never Warp, Bend, or Twist

Only large sliding door by Large Sliding Door can be guaranteed to not warp, bend, twist, rot or fail in any given circumstances for 50 years.

Our large sliding doors can be the highest precision with as little as 1/16th inch deflection over the length of the door – regardless of how big the door is. Our expertise is laser-focused on building the most high performance, largest, most oversized doors, while delivering lightweight and high strength.

How is it Possible?

Large Sliding Doors with Patented Sing Core InsideLarge sliding doors that are lightweight, stronger than steel and outperform any other known affordable building material is only possible due to the patented SingCore vertical grain torsion box core bonded wall-to-wall with recycled foam and sandwiched between two stress skins.

SingCore Inside

We at Large Sliding Door dot com are among the many door manufacturers, millworks, designer and wood craftsmen who are creating a new generation of products with, SingCore inside.” Sing Core is a lightweight, high strength door core material which enables us to design and build doors of enormous size that are light in weight yet stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound.

50 Year Guarantee

We, like other companies who rely on Sing Core as the high performance substrate inside our high end products, are able to extend their 50 year guarantee protecting our clients from fear of failure due to warp, bending, twisting, cupping or otherwise failing of any premium large sliding door solution. While other standard-sized door companies may offer a year or up to 10 year warranty, we are able to offer SingCore’s full 50 year guarantee.

For more information on what it means to have “SingCore inside,” see: www.singcore.com.

Large Sliding Door Options

There’s nothing more empowering to an architect’s creative genius than to work with a company, like Large Sliding Door, that can deliver a large sliding door that affordably outperforms any other door and can be made out of any flat surface material that is available. See Architectural Specifications.

Some door skin materials include: any wood species, glass, concrete, fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and Kevlar, just to name a few.


Compare Large Sliding Door Substrate to other door cores:

Sing Core Foam Aluminum Balsawood Nomex Plastic Cardboard
Insulation x x x x x
Sound Deadening x x x x x
Lightweight x x
Strength x x x
Solid x x x x
Eco-friendly x x x x
Renewable x x x x
Oversize x x x x x x
Dimensionally Stable
Affordable x x x x x
Waterproof? x x
Fire Retardant? x
Bullet-proof? x x x x x
Thickness Available x x x x x x
Skin Options x x x x x x
Easy to Machine x x x x x x
Fast Turnaround x x x x x x

(comparison based on 2×2 interior grids)

For more information on our large sliding door substrate, see patented Sing Core


Every one of our large sliding doors is pre-insulated with insulative material that imbues each door with qualities including R-value that varies based on raw materials used and sound-deadening attributes that can be upgraded to sound-proofing for ultimate security and privacy.

Large Sliding Doors Lightweight and Stronger Than Steel Structural GuaranteeLightweight

Large sliding doors by Large Sliding Doors weigh much less than other sliding doors, especially oversize doors that are expected to retain a great deal of flatness over the life of the sliding door, normally one-fifth the weight of commercially available sliding doors.

High Strength

Large Sliding Door 13 Foot Aluminum Only 1 Inch Thick No Deflection High StrengthHow strong are our large sliding doors? In independent University testing our large sliding doors test at 660 PSI and can be upgraded to over 1,000 PSI or to your specifications… That’s stronger-than-steel pound-for-pound!

Solid as a Rock

While our large sliding doors are comparable to hollow-core, cardboard or paper-core doors in terms of weight, every Large Sliding Door is solid as a rock. In fact, if you kick one of the other lightweight doors, it will break; kick a Large Sliding Door and you will break your leg.

Large Sliding Door True Green Technology Eco-FriendlyTrue Green Technology

Large Sliding Door maintains a commitment to a sustainable future by adopting true green technology to produce the only Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength large sliding doors in the world. Each door is made with less labor, less energy, produces less waste, delivers and installs with less energy and labor consumption and proudly Made in the USA.

Dimensionally Stable

Architects and designers seek out solutions by Large Sliding Door because of our ability to match dimensionally stable large sliding doors that can meet a myriad of high-performance requirements while matching nearly any appearance of any pre-existing style sliding door.

Large Sliding Door Save Money Economical Affordable Save EnergyEconomically Feasible

Only Large Sliding Door can provide an economical solution to the challenges that face purveyors of large sliding doors while retaining light weight and extreme high performance tolerances. Get the high quality large sliding door that you desire and save money on your next job.

Available Upgrades

Upgrades are available to meet your architectural specifications to include large sound proof sliding doors, large waterproof sliding doors, large fire retardant sliding doors, large bullet proof sliding doors even large blast proof sliding doors.

Large Sliding Doors Available in any Size Small Regular OversizeAny Size

Even though we specialize in the largest oversize sliding doors in the industry dealing with the big dogs is not all that we do; we also make regular-sized sliding doors if you require the high-end results that we routinely deliver to our most discriminating clientele.

Any Thickness

Depending on the application large sliding door can have the necessity of having thicknesses that would exceed the properties of existing materials. Previous solutions – while workable and extremely expensive – have also produced very heavy sliding doors; yet Large Sliding Doors can be any thickness that you require and are still high-performance and lightweight.

High Performance Large Sliding Doors Can Be Made In Any Style And Any Design Guaranteed For 50 YearsAny Type of Door

Your Large Sliding Door can be made of any flat exterior material currently available to achieve performance and appearance that you specify. Some examples of our large sliding doors include any wood species, aluminum, concrete, copper, CPL, diamondplate, fiberglass, FRP, glass, hardboard, HPL, Masonite, MDF, stainless steel, TFL, tin, wood veneer(s)

Decorative Surfaces

Large Sliding Doors Available in All Wood Species and Any Other Flat Building MaterialArchitects and designers may specify a nearly unlimited variety of exterior decorative surfaces to customize each Large Sliding Door to match your specifications including decorative paper and/or foils, 3D laminates, engineered and/or value-added veneers, assorted decorative metals, polypropylene films, polyester and other decorative solid surface materials.

Easy Machining

Since we work hand-in-hand with the largest, most high-tech corporations and high-end millworks across the USA, it is important that our large sliding doors are easy to machine for the end-user to make final adjustments on site. In most cases our large sliding doors are as easy to machine as a normal piece of plywood requiring no specialized equipment or labor.

Large Sliding Doors Can be Repaired from Chainsaw Damage to 100 Percent Original StrengthEasy to Repair

In the event that your Large Sliding Door becomes compromised, it can easily be repaired and restored to 100% structural integrity easily. It is the only structural large sliding door that could be cut-through with a chainsaw and repaired and restored on-site without dismantling the door. (Impossible with any other aluminum, cardboard, paper or plastic core door.)

Fast Turnaround

Our normal turnaround is four to six weeks, but we can produce your Large Sliding Door more expediently. Our rush service does incur an extra charge enabling you to deliver your product on-time (within days) and on budget.

Large Sliding Doors with Custom Lite Openings Pre Cut Lights Any Shape Any Size High Precision CNC RouterCustom Lite Openings

Large Sliding Door can have your lite openings pre-cut to your specifications for adding glass windows, hardware, etc… alternatively we can install your glass windows, hardware, etc… prior to delivery at added expense.

Customizable Options

Any Large Sliding Door can be customized to meet your architectural specs. Some options that can be customized include exterior skin options, substrate skin options, torsion box size options (smaller torsion box grids = greater strength, if necessary), foam quality/density (for added R-value, soundproof or waterproof applications), etc…


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