Large Sliding Barn Doors

Large Sliding Barn Doors

Gaining traction among the best new contemporary architecture designs are classic looks of large sliding barn door both in interior and exterior large sliding barn doors.

The most popular are the large wood sliding doors, which present challenges – not so much for the designer as – for the end user, construction company, millworks and door manufacturer. Upon installation, the visual impact of the large sliding barn door makes the best first impression and all parties are thrilled at thrilled results. Not long after, as soon as the change in season, the door begins to fail, due to warp or other structural failure.

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Though this is the mainstay of door repair companies who make their living conducting maintenance on large sliding doors, it is a constant frustration for the homeowner or end user.

Large Sliding Doors Exterior

When large sliding barn door are used in exterior applications, the conditions become more problematic as changes in temperature, moisture and varying conditions on either side of the door change, so do the characteristics of the sliding barn door’s surfaces, causing the door to move, lean, bend, cup, twist or warp. This is an enormous concern to the end user, as loss of energy via an inadequately sealed exterior door adds to maintenance costs and non-securing latching and locking mechanism may also be compromised.

Large Wood Sliding Doors

Of all the possible large sliding barn door materials, wood is the most popular and also the most problematic. While all other construction materials tend to potential fail periodically throughout the year, or life, of the large sliding barn door, the large wood sliding barn door fail more regularly due to the response of the natural wood grain to environmental conditions.

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Hands down, this is the number one complaint of architects, designers, contractors, millworks and door manufacturers:

All Large Sliding Barn Doors Warp

Especially if they are taller than 84 inches tall. Even AWI standards are not applicable to any door that exceeds 84 inches due to their tendency to perform so poorly, no matter the method used to manufacture the doors, and, of course, wood doors cannot be made to remain straight and true; that is, until now.

Introducing the Only Warp-free Solution
For Large Sliding Barn Doors

Our patented methods and materials enable us to help create a door that remains straight and true regardless of the construction materials used in the manufacture of the large sliding barn doors. In fact, this revolutionary process outperforms any other large sliding door solution, bar none. We have the ability to guarantee any large sliding barn door not to warp, bend or twist for a full 50 years, even if the large sliding barn doors are made of wood.

Not only that, but our large sliding barn doors also add other features and benefits that you may not have even thought of asking for, far beyond the expectations of remaining warp-free for 50 years, like:

Insulated Sliding Barn Door

Besides seeking non-warping performance, the next-most-popular request of our clients and door manufacturers is addressing concerns regarding insulation. Which is no problem. We fully pre-pack the core of each door within our patented torsion box grids with rigid foam insulation. This provides many benefits, most significantly

Increased climate control
Sound deadening for added security and privacy
Creating a solid infrastructure without hollow voids (like honeycomb cores)

The combination of which enables these large sliding barn doors in particular to also be

High Precision Large Sliding Barn Doors

No one can make a more high-precision door because our door core has the highest precision (+/- .006 inch) tolerances. Plus our manufacturing process utilizes the best forms of adherence which is formaldehyde-free and outlasts other production methods.

Lightweight Large Sliding Barn Doors

Our patented torsion box composite solid structure weighs a fraction of other materials and so that means your large sliding barn doors weigh much less than other large sliding barn doors. Having lighter weight large sliding barn doors means less expensive barn door hardware, easier and faster transportation and installation saving you money, energy and the environment all along the way.


There is virtually no limit to the size of doors, though we say up to 50 feet we rarely make doors larger than 40 feet. And regardless of the size of your large sliding barn doors, the can be

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

Contact us for more information.

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