Sliding Door Pet Door

Sliding Door Pet Door

We all love our pets, and because of that we here at Large Sliding Door understand that you want a sliding door that takes them in to account. It can be hard to find a sliding door that provides your pets the opportunity to enter and leave the house as they see fit. But, our custom door panels can be made your special loved ones in mind.

Sliding Glass Door with Dog Door Built In

Sliding doors with a doggy door built in makes it easy for your pets to enter and exit the building. Custom siding door panel from Large Sliding Doors can come with any number of door openings of you choice anywhere from full size man doors to cat doors, dog doors, or more to fit your specific needs.

Sliding doors built for the animal lover, we offer custom openings just for that special little guy in your life.

Insulated Dog Door for Sliding Glass Door

Large sliding door panels are built with integral insulation, and can be provided with custom insulated doggy and cat door panels of any size and configuration. With R-3.5 / inch of door thickness (or > R6 / inch for our extra dense foam option), our door panels work extra hard to keep you heat and cold in where is should be, while your pets come and go as they please.

Pet Safe Sliding Glass Pet Door

Keeping your pets safe is of paramount importance. Our light weight yet high strength door panels keep your loved ones safe and happy. Our high quality construction techniques give you the certainty that no matter how rough and tumble a doggy life can be, your one of a kind pet safe siding door will be up to the challenge.

Our pet safe doors are the best in the market, with exceptional attention to detail and extreme quality. Our clients are always blown away by what we send them!

Patio Door with Pet Door Built In

Don’t bother with the hassle of a DIY doggy door, when you can have a professionally installed door built right in to your new sliding door. Our pro level door designs are top of the line and best in the industry.

Your patio won’t be complete without the convenience, durability, and cost saving insulation of our best in the industry pre-installed sliding pet door contraption.

Large Oversize Pivot Door For Sale
Large Oversize Pivot Door For Sale

Sliding Door for Pet Lovers

Large Sliding Door’s “Pet lovers” door is the perfect match for you and your furry loved ones, when quality is of utmost importance and price is no object. Our door panels come in a wide variety of finishes including:

  • Wood stave – Walnut, Oak, Teak, Cedar, Fir, Elm, Mahogany, and more
  • Paint grade / Paint ready
  • Metals – hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, galvanized, copper, and more
  • FRP, pastics, Formica, HPL, laminates, fiberglass, and more

When your pets are the first thing on your mind, but you still want a classy custom door to meet your exact needs and expectations, we here at Large Sliding Doors will make you the perfect door.

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