Sound Dampening Sliding Doors

Sound Dampening Sliding Doors

Large Sliding Doors provides sliding doors of any dimension that are pre-structurally insulated with soundproofing characteristics that are not generally found in traditional French doors, front doors, interior doors, exterior doors and while we specialize in sliding doors, we often supply doors that have operable or swing characteristics also.

lightweight-sound-dampening-large-sliding-door-sound-proofing-materialWhether entry doors or front doors, the uniqueness of our sliding door is that they are build to be true flat and will stay flat virtually forever. Your certified true flat sliding doors can be guaranteed for 50 years not to rot, warp, bend, twist, cup or crack. This is of particular concern for sliding pocket door applications.

Even though we provide the best acoustic panels to sound studios, designers and engineers, we do not offer consultation on how to soundproof a room. We only supply our high-end clients with the noise cancelling panels or sound dampening door substrates that we custom-build per the architects’ specifications.

If you are in search of an effective sliding pocket door or French door, our sound proofing large sliding doors are packed with sound insulation that can be used for soundproofing a room. There is a variety of acoustic foam configurations that you may use in your soundproof door.

Our standard Large Sliding Doors are pre-insulated with basic acoustic insulation that offers sound deadening qualities. This featured benefit helps to set Large Sliding Doors apart from other soundproofing material. Upgrades are available for advanced soundproofing material and sound proof insulation.

sound-proof-booth-modular-temporary-sound-dampening-sliding-doorsIt is not uncommon for our clients to specify our large sliding door acoustic wall panels for use as sound proof walls which can also be covered with studio foam acoustic tiles.

Sound Dampening Sliding Doors can take on the appearance of any door or sliding door imaginable. Our sliding doors can be made in any size – even extremely large oversized sliding doors – and can host any exterior flat building material for the striking visual representation that has instant impact. Some examples of our popular exterior finishes include aluminum, brick, concrete, fiberglass (FRP), glass, Kevlar, LVL, marine grade plywood, MDF, plastic, stainless steel or any wood species available.

Remember, if you’re using steel doors in your design, steel doors by Large Sliding Door are a fraction of the weight of other steel doors, yet yield better sound dampening characteristics in your sound proof room project.

It’s easy to see that a large sliding door can also be used as soundproofing walls; remember laid flat your large sliding door could be used for soundproofing floors, soundproof ceilings or to sound proof roofs too.

Even if you’re not looking for acoustic treatment, you can still enjoy the sound dampening benefits of your large sliding doors.


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