Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors

Copper doors available in large sliding door
Copper doors available in large sliding door

When it’s important that you have the very best exterior doors, you are looking for particular attributes, like:

  • Beauty and Elegance
  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Guarantee

Beauty and Elegance

Large Sliding Door can create the best front doors with all the benefits that we are world renowned for and can duplicate the appearance of any style entry doors available on the market today (without the shortcomings) in any size, even extremely large oversized front doors (of course, we specialize in big doors).

It is as easy as supplying us with a photo of the entry door that you want replicated and the dimensions of the door; and you can have the exterior doors of your dreams with all the added attributes of front doors made by Large Sliding Door.

Hafele-Sliding-Folding-French-Doors-Sliding-Door-HardwareHigh Performance

The reason that our high-end clients, like NASA, Boeing, the US Military and the most prestigious millworks and home designers come to us is because they demand high performance, low maintenance and require exterior doors that do not warp, bend, twist, crack or fail even when exposed to the elements.

Large Sliding Doors creates front doors of all types that are true flat and stay flat over the extended service life of your exterior door. All of our Eco-friendly entry doors are lightweight and stay straight without cupping to perform perfectly without fail, causing less strain on the hardware and structure.

Weatherproof seashore exposed
Weatherproof seashore exposed


Large Sliding Doors are extremely durable, withstanding the most rigorous conditions, regardless of exposure (even underwater applications).

The high-strength of our exterior doors finds them in extreme weather applications including tornado, hurricane and extreme heat and/or moisture exposure.

Applications include sound proof, water proof, fire proof, bullet proof and blast proof doors.


Exterior doors manufactured by Large Sliding Door are made to last and last. While they may look like other types or styles of doors, these are the only affordable Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength doors that are designed and built to last for centuries without fail.

Years after installation, even expensive exterior doors develop structural compromise causing the door seals to weaken, crack or separate. Not with Large Sliding Doors – they seal tight and stay sealed tight for lifetimes because they don’t warp, bend or twist.


Your door can be guaranteed for 50 years regardless of your application.

Many doors throughout the door industry have warrantees but once you use such a door in an exterior application, especially 100% exposed to extreme weather conditions, your warrantee is voided.

Not so with your exterior door from Large Sliding Door. It’s important to match the proper door with the application and performance that you desire. Once we’ve made the match, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice.

Your New Door Team

Let Large Sliding Door become the backbone of your high performance door division. When you – or your clients – demand only the best door in the world regardless of size or exposure, we can help you achieve the desired results at an affordable price. Contact us for more information.


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