Custom Sliding Doors for Millworks and Architectural Applications

Custom Sliding Doors for Millworks and Architectural Applications

Large Sliding Doors specializes in supporting millworks through creation of custom sliding door slab solutions for bespoke or architectural applications. Here we say, “we won’t step on your toes,” because our aim is not to sell directly to clients. Rather, we prefer providing the rough material which you will work in to the final product. Nothing we provide is ready for installation, and requires finishing, hardware, and may require millwork or glass installation depending on the design.

Partner With Us

Our specialty is making large sliding door slabs, oversize in excess of 8′ in any dimension. Even 30′ doors are no problem for our process.

We aim to blend in perfectly with your finishing process. Our perfectly straight and guaranteed stable panels come in almost any surface that you can imagine. This includes paint grade surfaces, stain grade wood surfaces in solid wood or veneer, metals including steel / aluminum, Formica, and other plastics. All you need to do is stain (as necessary), seal, prime, paint, and install hardware.

You are an indispensable part of our process. We will never supply finished doors directly to customers, but rather work with door professionals, especially millworks, who are capable of becoming a solid part of our team and achieve the dream of supply unparalleled doors to clients around the world.


Large Oversize Pivot Door

Get Things Done Right the First Time

With doors installed in top projects around the country, from the World Trade Center in New York to 10+ million dollar mansions in Beverly Hills, Large Sliding Door gets the job done right the first time. With decades of experience in the large sliding door industry, we take jobs when other door manufacturers hesitate to commit.

We are so confident in our ability to build a stable, long term sliding door that we offer an unmatched guarantee extending for 50 years. That’s right! Five decades of coverage on all structure aspects of our door construction. It is our solemn vow that warpage shall not exceed AWI specified minimum standards, and in many cases there will be no perceptible warpage at all in any timeframe.

Where you are trying to meet your client’s high exceptions and vivid dreams, or just trying to match an existing installation, Large Sliding Door has the finish look for you. Because of our extremely flexible production process, there is almost no surface that cannot be achieved. With our patented and patent pending process, and the help of your millwork’s finishing skills, we can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Window Openings, French Doors, Man Doors, and Exotic Styles

Our perfectly straight true flat material is capable of fitting in to any form of door. Door openings are flexible and fully custom. Need a curved door? We can make you a custom curved door. Man doors? French Door? Other?

There is nothing too extreme for a Large Sliding Door to accomplish.

Low VOA and Warp Free

Our friends at Crestmark Architectural Millwork found our core to be particularly useful in large cabinet doors for the Museum of Modern Art. Our warp free oversize panels combined perfectly with the museums need for low VOA materials for archival room use.

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