Large Commercial Sliding Doors

Large Commercial Sliding Doors

Long the supplier of industrial and large commercial sliding doors, Large Sliding Door provides their clientele with the only large commercial sliding doors that can be protected by our 50 year guarantee.

Think about it, if you’re in need of a large commercial sliding door, your project is considerable. You’re not looking for a standard garage door or even a standard warehouse door solution, and the bigger the door is, the more problematic it becomes.


Big sliding doors present designers, engineers, contractors, installers and ongoing maintenance staff with many challenges and problems associated with these big sliding doors.

To start with, these big sliding doors are, well, BIG. The size of the door (depending on how big the sliding door is) creates challenges from the outset, like, who will build the door. Large door manufacturing is a specialty that most door manufacturers avoid due to their high maintenance and failure rates.

Large Commercial Sliding Doors Size


Once a large door manufacturer is secured, there is the issue of transport. The door may be manufactured several states away (maybe across the country) and shipping a very large door via truck may present challenges (though government and military are able to overcome transportation challenges more easily than the private sector).


Proudly made in the USA, in our manufacturing facility in Washington State, Large Sliding Door routinely ships the largest sliding doors to any location around the world and offers assistance in creating modular solutions that can be more easily shipped and assembled at the site of installation, to save on shipping and handling costs.

Large Commercial Sliding Doors Weight


Also a problem associated with the size is the heavy weight of a large commercial sliding door. The heavy weight (and large size) creates a problem with moving the large sliding door on site, requiring additional labor and heavy equipment to accommodate the movement of the door to the installation site. The heavy weight of large commercial sliding doors required heavy duty, extra strength sliding door hardware which is very expensive and could exceed the cost of the door itself.


Large Sliding Door manufactures large commercial sliding doors weighing in at a fraction of other solid core big sliding doors. These lightweight large sliding doors ship and handle much less expensively. Additionally the lighter weight reduces hardware and installation costs on site.

Let’s assume you have purchased large commercial sliding doors to accommodate your projects design, they’re installed and operating sufficiently. What next?

Large Commercial Sliding Doors Failure


For the most part, large commercial sliding doors will be problematic if they are operated on a regular basis. The large sliding door hardware will need regular maintenance, the frame and structure will need regular maintenance due to the stress and strain cause by regular operation of the large sliding doors.

Due to the nature of the door being large and changes in climate conditions, large commercial sliding doors will fail to remain straight and true. Slightly warped big sliding doors may be operable, but as the warping becomes more severe it may cause damage to the door and/or the structure or may become completely inoperable, requiring additional maintenance or replacement.


With a premium Large Sliding Door solution, your large commercial sliding doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

The lighter weight of our large sliding doors reduces stress and strain on the hardware, frame and structure with regular use over time.

To our knowledge our 50 year guarantee is the only one of its kind that includes full structure warranty.

Large Commercial Sliding Doors Added Benefits


In addition to solving the problems associated with large commercial sliding doors, your Large Sliding Door Solution also comes pre-insulated for additional climate control (saving in energy costs) and increased privacy (sound dampening qualities).

large-commercial-sliding-doors-exterior-large-weatherproof-doors-insulated-lightweight-doors-stronger-than-steel-warehouse-doorsHigh Precision

Our most discriminating clients prefer dealing with high precision materials, and our large sliding door core material is very high precision (+/- .006 in tolerances) while remaining straight and true over long spans with little or no deflection.

High Strength

Thanks to our patented torsion box/rigid foam composite, the resulting structure core is stronger than steel (600 PSI) pound for pound, far outperforming any other solid core material in terms of strength/weight ratios.


This is why industrial and commercial designers and architects specify Large Sliding Door for their large commercial sliding door solutions, as well as project managers, contractors, installers and end users.


Large Sliding Door is nor restricted to only making large commercial sliding doors, but also any type, style or size of door that may be problematic in terms of size and/or weight.

Our service includes providing the best basic structures for the biggest and best

Big sliding doors to divide a room, lightweight barn door panels, insulated sliding barn doors, large sliding exterior doors, warehouse doors steel, warp-free large wood sliding doors, and large sliding multi wood doors.

And our oversized pocket door blank outperforms any other pocket door substrate material that also can be covered by our 50 year warp-free guarantee.

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