Top Sliding Door Alternatives

Top Sliding Door Alternatives

Sliding glass doors, once the darling of the backyard patio, are falling out of favor. Increasingly, customers are looking for additional alternatives for new construction or to replace their existing sliding patio door.

Can you replace sliding doors with French doors?

One popular option to replace sliding doors is the classic look of french doors. Large sliding doors offers a variety of ¬†traditional french doors and “sliding” french doors that are custom made to suit your need and opening.

In general, sliding french doors, like those shown above, can be a one for one replacement for a blasé glass sliding door. If you wish to move to a completely typical french door, you will likely need to resort to non-standard size panels to fill the opening. That is no problem for us, as we make all panels custom to order.

How much does it cost to replace sliding glass doors?

The cost of replacing sliding glass doors can vary quite a bit depending on the quality of the door that you are willing to accept in your home. For a elegant, warm wood look or a modern steel / metal sliding door look, we have all options covered.

The best way to get pricing for your project is to submit a quote through our website. This will ensure fast processing and prompt response.

How much does it cost to replace sliding glass doors with French doors?

High quality french doors come in a wide variety of quality. But one of the biggest concerns when replacing a glass  sliding door with french doors is finding new doors that fit in the existing holes.

Although, you may be able to reframe the opening, often times it is cheaper and faster to buy a custom door from Large Sliding Doors that can fit the need directly. We are able to provide custom made door panels that match the exact size and style to fit in to your home and realize your wildest dreams.

Can you replace just one side of a sliding glass door?

We make custom panels to any size or design, which allows you to replace just the side of the door that you need, or both panels to upgrade the look and functionality of your existing door.

Center Swing Patio Doors

Swing in to the unknown with universally beloved center swing patio doors. These doors have all the grace and style of french doors, but have the side address ease of access and compactness of a sliding door.

Here at large sliding door, any hardware works with our panel. We include custom blocking in the doors construction so you can fit any hardware, including hinges for center swing, accordion, and french patio doors.

Accordion Patio Doors

Accordion patio doors are also suitable alternatives for plain old boring sliding glass doors. Accordion doors do not require much swing space, and can be made easily to fit any size opening without awkward size door panels being a problem.

Still a unique and “out of the box” solution. Accordion patio doors are our number one pick for sliding glass door replacements.

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