Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

We are so proud to be building the best large sliding door in the world. Our craftsmen at Large Sliding Door are extremely sophisticated having fully immersed themselves in every aspect of the science and technology that makes each large sliding door that we build a unique work of art that is custom-manufactured to meet or exceed the architectural specifications of the designer.

NYC large sliding door in high rise
NYC large sliding door in high rise

Our specialized craftsmen can build large sliding doors that are lightweight which saves you money over time by not adding excess strain on the sliding door hardware or stressing the structure over time with repeated or heavy use. Though there are many readily available options for building lightweight doors, only our large sliding doors are lightweight and high strength.

How strong are our large sliding doors?

Our production process uses a unique patented technology that was birthed in the aerospace industry though based highly skilled torsion box woodcraft and lightweight hybrid technologies yielding unparalleled compression strength starting at 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound-for-pound). This enables us to match the door specifications of the most demanding door projects.

Large sliding door lighweight truck loading
Large sliding door lighweight truck loading

Some of the unique applications and challenges that Large Sliding Doors solve include:

  • Super large (height, width and thick) lightweight sliding door
  • Lightweight high strength frameless holding cell French doors
  • One finger easy open lightweight sliding doors by Sing Core true flatHigh security lightweight hidden pocket doors
  • Look like natural wood, stronger than steel
  • Huge high security warehouse sliding doors
  • Extreme weather resistant exterior doors
  • Lightweight steel security sliding doors
  • Sound proof interior sliding barn doors
  • Extreme insect resistant sliding doors
  • High insulation value wooden doors
  • Large sliding wall room dividers
  • Bullet proof French patio doors
  • Underwater large sliding walls
  • Hurricane proof patio doors
  • Water proof double doors
  • Blast proof entry doors

… just to name a few…

Are large sliding doors expensive?

When dealing with the common obstacles – especially when dealing with oversized doors – there are many different options that have varying degrees of success. The least expensive solutions, often look and work extremely well upon installation, but fail in performance over time.

Large Sliding Door doors can be guaranteed to not bend, warp, twist or rot over time for 50 years even though they are designed to exude high performance without fail for centuries.

The cost of embracing the Large Sliding Door solution is a bit more expensive than doors that can be purchased at your local hardware stores, lumber yards or door store. This is the reason that our doors are only found primarily in high end applications where long term high performance is much more important than cheap sliding doors that look good upon installation.

Large sliding restaurant doors
Large sliding restaurant doors

Superior Value

Your Large Sliding Door may be a bit more expensive at the outset, but if you consider the cost savings in maintenance over time, our large sliding doors actually pay for themselves in the money that you save. Large sliding doors may not be for everybody, but they are still affordable to the average homeowner.

Large Sliding Door doors can be found in High-end Homes, Government Buildings, Embassies, Institutions, Aerospace Industry, Art Galleries, United States Military, Submarine, Underwater and Boatbuilding applications, et…

Contact us today to see if we can solve your large sliding door challenges.

We would be honored to work hand-in-hand with you, if your goal is to have the best large sliding door possible for you and/or your project.

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