The Architectural Design Possibilities of Large Sliding Doors

The Architectural Design Possibilities of Large Sliding Doors

Interior or exterior spaces can be enhanced by the maximum statement made by a large sliding door. A big room can be easily divided to create privacy, or smaller spaces quickly opened up to maximize living space – transforming your interior with segmented spaces. Create spaces that pull double duty using the flexible design that our doors can enable. Large sliding doors can be rustic style barn doors for the modern farmhouse with our wide range of wood veneers and wood staves, or mid-century modern for timeless retro classic when finished with our paint grade skins, or for a more modern aesthetic with clean and simple industrial materials with sleek metal skins. Open your interior to the outside by using large sliding doors out to the garden rooms in the summer, and then close it down in the winter to keep your interior cozy. The possibilities are endless.

Large sliding doors work well in either home, commercial, civic or office environments. The only limit is your imagination. With a huge variety of skins, from wood veneers to metal, we create visually stunning large doors that are not only functional, beautiful, but lightweight and incredibly durable.

Here at Large Sliding Doors we can make your vision come true with sliding doors of any dimension. Our large sliding doors can be taller than 7 ft and up to 50 ft and are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for fifty years. That’s because we use Sing Honeycomb Core technology inside our doors. This material is a vertical grain torsion box core bonded wall-to-wall with recycled foam and sandwiched between two stress skins. Our doors are wonderfully eco-friendly, as well as improving on plain wood panels by being stronger and lighter, warp-free, and using sustainable wood, grown in the USA.

A huge advantage of our doors is that they are lightweight. With the standard technology for sliding doors any large door will be unwieldy, heavy and hard on the hardware. You won’t have that problem with our more lightweight doors. That’s what you need for ease of use in an architectural large sliding door. It should be as easy to open and close, as well as sturdy. Installed correctly our doors are light enough to be used by anyone – even someone in a wheelchair or walker. A further benefit of the torsion box core inside your door is that it has incredible sound dampening abilities – perfect for when you want to divide your living space for greater versatility and privacy. The same core also produces large sliding doors that are insulated, ideal for the modern energy efficient home or office. Save money and help the environment with our beautiful doors.

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