Front Doors

Front Doors

Our large sliding doors come in many shapes and sizes and excel at the most challenging doors facing architects, designers, door manufacturers, millworks and contractors. The most problematic doors facing the door industry are large front doors. Front doors because one side is exposed to the elements and the other side facing the interior, creating a great propensity to fail due to bending, twist, cup and/or warping. Exasperate the level of difficulty in providing a high precision with building a large front door all the more making failure due to warp assured.

Solving problems with large sliding doors and all large doors of any kind, including front doors of any size is our specialty. We provide door manufactures, millworks and contractors with large front door solution that not only can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, our doors are also lightweight (a fraction the weight of other solid core doors), high strength (660 PSI) stronger than steel pound for pound and fully insulated for added safety and security.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best large sliding doors built to withstand the rigorous demands of our exclusive clients including NASA, the United States Military and high end architects, like IM Pei among others. Though our warp-free door solutions ship all over the world our primary destination is New York. You will find our warp-free guaranteed front doors throughout the greater New York area, upstate, NYC, Manhattan and elsewhere throughout the Northeast, where being exposed to the weather is a primary concern.

The various styles of exposed door created with our warp-free door blanks include not only exterior sliding doors but other types and styles of doors including front doors, barn doors and carriage doors in applications as exterior doors.

Wooden doors are the most problematic due to the tendency of the wood grain to favor particular environmental conditions. When one side of the wood doors are facing the exterior elements while the other faces a controlled environment, such as heating and air conditioning, the result is most certainly warping and cupping of your otherwise elegant wood doors.

That’s where we come in. We can help to design and build the perfect warp-free wooden doors to handle the most difficult circumstances, including New York church front doors facing the weather 100 percent. You pick the wood from any available natural wood species and we can design a complete warp-free door structure based on our patented reinforced torsion box composite high precision (+/- .006 in.) door core. The result is a warp-free door that outperforms any other lightweight door that can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

If we can provide warp-free large sliding doors of up to 50 feet for use as large sliding warehouse doors, commercial doors, industrial doors and hangar doors, we can certainly handle your toughest and most challenging exterior front doors of any size in the look and feel that even the most discriminating clients require, which can be backed by our 50 year warp-free guarantee.

Rest assured while we solve the most problematic problems facing front doors, such as wooden doors, we are also highly experienced in making fascinating door blanks by providing our high end clientele with large sliding metal doors, aluminum doors, copper doors, cold rolled steel doors, diamond plate steel doors, galvanized steel doors, hot rolled steel doors and stainless steel doors of any size, shape, style to meet or exceed your performance expectations.

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