Wooden Sliding Doors

Wooden Sliding Doors

Large sliding door provides to our customers the most ecologically sustainable solutions to building the best sliding doors, from sliding barn doors to sliding patio doors of any size, that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. Including a full structure warranty, even if they are wooden sliding doors, which has been unheard of in the door industry, that is, until now.

Wooden Sliding Doors

We love wooden sliding doors so much and they’re often included in the architectural specifications of high end designs by the most contemporary architects and designers in the industry today. Nothing is quite as elegant as large wooden sliding doors, excepting for when things go awry with what could otherwise be known as your favorite wooden sliding door.

Unfortunately, the wood grain of wooden sliding doors which makes them so beautiful is also the same culprit which cases challenges and concerns leading to frequent and high maintenance costs over time. The biggest problem is the issue of sliding door warp, which thankfully, we at Large Sliding Door, have the only patented solution to creating warp-free wooden sliding doors which can be guaranteed for 50 years.

Sliding doors slide along another surface area. In the case of a pair of double sliding doors, one sliding door slides along side of another sliding door and sliding pocket doors disappear into an empty cavity which hides the sliding door from view when in the open condition. If a sliding door warps (and it doesn’t take much, usually anything more than ¼ inch can be problematic) it renders the door either useless, or at risk of damaging the sliding door’s surface area, or other surfaces nearby. Clearly not your intention when you first invited the grace and elegance of a wooden sliding door into your space.

Interior Sliding Doors

Interior sliding doors warp but are less problematic than their exterior counterparts. That said, wooden sliding doors can be found inside homes, commercial establishments, and in industrial sites quite often, although, again, when internal sliding doors start to fail, attempting to straighten indoor sliding doors which have started to move can create problems for the sliding door company servicing them.

Exterior Sliding Doors

On the other hand, exterior sliding doors, while they leave a more lasting impression, especially if they are sliding entry doors. Exterior sliding doors would not be so prone to warp if there was not one side of it facing an interior space but having one side of the slide door facing the inside and the other facing the outside, possibly even facing the elements and exposed to changing weather conditions, causes the grain to contract and expand resulting in external sliding doors moving every which way.

If you’re not living in Hawaii, the last thing you want to see your sliding doors do is the hula dance. (Even then, you probably would rather they stay straight.) That’s why you find our warp-free exterior sliding doors from Hawaii to Maine and everywhere in between. More than 80% of all our warp-free exterior sliding doors ship to the greater New York area.

Carriage Garage Doors

Which brings us to carriage garage doors. While very few carriage garage doors are sliding carriage doors, many garage door manufacturers and custom door builders come to us for our insulated, lightweight, high strength, warp-free sliding doors to be used as carriage doors.

Whether your carriage garage doors are swing carriage doors, or carriage sliding doors, the fact remains, one side of these wooden doors are facing the elements, and just as our exterior sliding doors for which we are so well known in mitigating the damages and challenges imposed by being exposed to weather, Large Sliding Door provides the only warp-free guarantee for a weather-proof sliding door, or any type of door for that matter.

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