Upgrade Your Sliding Door

Upgrade Your Sliding Door

Hot Rolled Steel Panel
Hot Rolled Steel Panel

We at Large Sliding Door offer the finest in custom large doors. Because we make everything to order, we are able to build custom door panels to match the size of your current installation. For us, there is no door opening too large.

Don’t shop around to try and cram the wrong sized panel in a door frame when we can make you exactly the panel you need today.

Sliding Door Replacement Panels

Our sliding door panel come with free custom blocking to fit in with your existing door hardware, or to accommodate the replacement door hardware of your choice.

Large Sliding Door panels are made with a patented and proprietary core material that is three times lighter than comparable wooden door systems. This means our panels are almost never overweight for replacement door applications.

Hot Rolled Steel Panel
Hot Rolled Steel Panel

Upgrade Your Door to a Modern Style

With a huge variety of skin options for the ultimate custom finish, Large Sliding Doors can be designed to match your exiting home while exuding a modern luxury and style.

Skin options include almost any wood grain on the market including walnut, oak, mahogany, teak, cedar, cherry, pine, and more. This is offered in classy wood stave or elegant veneer in book match or slip match patterns.

Take a walk on the wild side with our high end custom metal skin door finish options including cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, copper, and other sheet metals. These door options provide a more industrial look while maintaining the strength, light weight performance, and sound deadening qualities of all our panels

Guaranteed to Last A Lifetime

Our panels come with a completely unbeatable warrantee that all structural elements of your custom high end sliding door will function unquestionably for 50 years or more. In this industry, especially for large and oversize doors, this level of confidence is practically unheard of. But our patented and patent pending technology is so sophisticated that we are dead certain that no complaints will ever reach us.

Insulated Exterior Sliding Barn Door
Insulated Exterior Sliding Barn Door

Stronger than Steel

Our door panels, made with a space age wood and foam honeycomb core, have been tested by engineers to exceed the strength of steel per pound. With Large Sliding Doors, our panels are truly an upgrade from the traditional stile and rail or foam core construction. Capable of handling a wide variety of strenuous situation including high heat, high winds, extreme cold, and moist conditions, you can do no better than a large sliding door from Large Sliding Door.

Lighter than Wood

While maintaining super strength, our panel are miraculously light. Coming it at around three times lighter than a comparable all wood panel, our ultra strong panels are easy to operate and wear lightly on their hinges.

Large Oversize Pivot Door

Order Today

Let us show you how we can help your remodel or door upgrade today. The fastest way to get us on board with your project is to submit an online price quote request. Our team of estimators and tireless sales people will work with you to develop the perfect panel for you sliding door remodel.

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