High End Eco-friendly Lightweight High Strength Large Sliding Doors

High End Eco-friendly Lightweight High Strength Large Sliding Doors

13-foot-insulated-large-sliding-door-only-1-inch-thick-little-or-no-deflection-guaranteedHere at, Large Sliding Door, we supply on the most high-end millworks with the most perfect high-precision large sliding doors than can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or rot – regardless of the application or exposure to the elements – for 150 years.

Our doors are rated at 660 PSI and up. We can match architectural specifications for your large sliding door without compromising in the areas of weight or strength due to our using a patented inner structure that outperforms any other known building material at this time.

How is it possible?

Radical improvements on torsion box structural design give our large sliding doors this superior performance. Depending on your specifications and requirements, we offer various wood torsion box sizes that offer additional structural strength. Our most popular torsion box sizes are 2 inch and 3 inch.

large-sliding-door-illustration-exposing-torsion-box-core-lightweight-high-strengthThe first tweak to increase the strength is to flip the wood grain of the torsion box frame – which normally runs horizontally – to vertical alignment. (This is a huge tip for all the torsion box building craftsmen out there.)

But that is only the beginning. What makes our oversize large sliding doors so much stronger than any other large sliding doors (even handmade torsion box large sliding doors made by highly skilled craftsmen) on the market is what comes next: The voids of each torsion box is filled wall-to-wall with lightweight rigid foam (strength and characteristics can be adjusted to meet your specifications) and bonded with structural adhesive.

This is how we achieve such high compression strength and are able to accomplish little or no deflection over long spans.

Sure, even though this method is patented, you could do it yourself and achieve the same results, but it would take you a week to build a single large sliding door. Our factory has been specially set-up and designed to streamline this process, because it is all that we do.

Every large sliding door that we manufacture has this unique substructure. That’s why when our high-end clients refer to our doors as, “the best large sliding doors,” they know what they are talking about.

Our large sliding doors truly are the only Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength large sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or rot… and we make every effort to make it affordable for you to take advantage of our years of expertise.

Contact us for your next challenging high-end large sliding door project.

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